Projektleitung für internationalen Tanzprojekte bei QUARTIER gGmbH

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Jugendfreizeitheim Neustadt

16:30 - 18:30 für Kinder (6-12)

Tanzprojekt von Quartier gGmbH

Präsentation im Rahmen von Chance Tanz am 2. Juni 2019 um 15:00 in der Schwankhalle Bremen.



"Kultur macht Stark-Wand aus Glas"

Bürgerhaus Obervieland

Theaterwerkstatt für Kinder von 8 bis 14 Jahre alt von 16:30 bis 18:30


Freitags und Samstags

together - Stadtweite Theaterkompanie - initiiert von Quartier gGmbH

in DOKU Blumenthal


Premiere am 25  uni 2019 um 19:00 Theater am Goetheplatz Bremen



Before The Holidays

The holidays are now over and I want to take the time to resume you the dance performances that I saw the last days ( or a month ago ;-) ). First it was very cold but I got brave and I went threw snow to the Dock11 for the first time in February to see Bubble Boxing from Yui Kawaguchi. The main idea from the choreography was focus on the speakbublle like in comics or manga. To me it seemed very superficial and I didn't get the relation between the two figures. In the middle of the space it was a big white shinning balloon witch reacted of the touch of the dancers into sound. Because of the light of balloon it remember me the moon and the surface of this bubble was something like latex what gives the quality of the skin... it gives in a way the feeling that is organic but I don't know if it was the idea. At the end this balloon became a big eye (so big as the dancers) thanks a video projection on it... like a big organ that evolutes in the space (for me it was inspiring).

Than I saw "Violet" from Meg Stuart in radialsystem with my friend Elisa who is a fan from this choreographer. I was disappointed. 5 dancers, a big black wall and a drummer... I don't remember much only that it was very laud so that my breathcage vibrated. In a point a dancer was screaming and we couldn't hear her because the music was lauder... this was a nice moment because the space, the air was full of the sound and it give an other impression of the space. For me it was mostly quite suddenly and the dancers looked smaller.

 Anyway I enjoy so much to go to dance performances, I want more !

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