Projektleitung für internationalen Tanzprojekte bei QUARTIER gGmbH

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Kreativer Kindertanz 13:30-14:15

Kinderballet 14:14-15:00

Kinder- und Familienzentrum Hardenbergstrasse Bremen

durch Bounce n Boogie



Jugendfreizeitheim Neustadt

16:30 - 18:30 für Kinder (6-12)

Tanzprojekt von Quartier gGmbH

Zwischenpräsentation im Rahmen von Sternstunden 2018 im Olbers-Planetarium am 24. November 2018 um 18:00 in Bremen.



"Kultur macht Stark-Mein Raum"


Theater in der Kita in Kooperation mit dem Schlachthof Bremen


"Kultur macht Stark- Merhallo"

Bürgerhaus Obervieland

Theaterwerkstatt für Kinder von 8 bis 14 Jahre alt von 16:30 bis 18:30



die Projektgruppe  Let´s Dance! aus der Ganztagsgrundschule an der Karl-Leebs-Strasse tanzt bei

Bounce n Boogie



together - Stadtweite Theaterkompanie - initiiert von Quartier gGmbH

in DOKU Blumenthal



The End

On the 15 th July my Dance Intencive Program ended. It was for me an amazing time.

I met very cool people and it gave me such good body feeling. In the end I want to tell you what I really liked :

For my birthday Enis, a very good friend, invited me to the theater "Schaubuhne", there we saw "Protect me" from Falke Richter & Anouk van Dijk. It was such great piece ! I liked the craziness. It was a kind of a big monolog that a lot of people could have alone. It was aboute non sense of the western economy and the absurdity of the life. A lot of fragments were built together like I said as you would speak alone or as the autor himself... The most beautiful piece that I saw during my time in Berlin. Until this time I love the "Schaubühne". Later they asked me to come for an audition, the first of my life, I was very happy and I thought that it was the best way to finish my Dance Intensive Program.


A day, Vincent Bozek, our teacher, asked us why we dance.

I dance because it makes me feel alive !