Whirlschool mit der Grundschule Admiralstrasse in Bremen. Ein Projekt von tanzwerk Bremen




Theater in der Kita in Kooperation mit dem Schlachthof Bremen


Bürgerhaus Obervieland

Theaterwerkstatt für Kinder von 8 bis 14 Jahre alt von 16:30 bis 18:30

Plätze frei !! 


Fake - Kunstschulprojekt

Wir werden eine Tanzperformance nach den Osterferien präsentieren !



die Projektgruppe  Let´s Dance! aus der Ganztagsgrundschule an der Karl-Leebs-Strasse tanzt bei

Bounce n Boogie



together - Stadtweite Theaterkompanie - initiiert von Quartier gGmbH

in DOKU Blumenthal



First step choreography

"first step choreography" the last one ! This Friday and Saturday at 7pm (4 euros) at the Tanzfabrik, i will take part of two performences and we will show our nature dance video "Mittendrin" also !!

First project is from Rosalind Masson. I enjoy a lot to do all her fantasy exercices she does dance like she throws noise in the air and she was so generous and patient with us. She's a very sensitive artist and she gives me so much ideas that I can work on with children ! The other project with Jolika Sudermann it's base on the pulse. We bounce all the time during the piece, it has something powerfull, extrem and exact. We sweat a lot and we have a lot of fun but it is work !! I think it is a strong piece what I invite you to see ! So please come !