Projektleitung für internationalen Tanzprojekte bei QUARTIER gGmbH

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Kreativer Kindertanz 13:30-14:15

Kinderballet 14:14-15:00

Kinder- und Familienzentrum Hardenbergstrasse Bremen

durch Bounce n Boogie



Jugendfreizeitheim Neustadt

16:30 - 18:30 für Kinder (6-12)

Tanzprojekt von Quartier gGmbH

Zwischenpräsentation im Rahmen von Sternstunden 2018 im Olbers-Planetarium am 27. Oktober 2018 um 18:00 in Bremen.




Theater in der Kita in Kooperation mit dem Schlachthof Bremen


Bürgerhaus Obervieland

Theaterwerkstatt für Kinder von 8 bis 14 Jahre alt von 16:30 bis 18:30



die Projektgruppe  Let´s Dance! aus der Ganztagsgrundschule an der Karl-Leebs-Strasse tanzt bei

Bounce n Boogie



together - Stadtweite Theaterkompanie - initiiert von Quartier gGmbH

in DOKU Blumenthal



Family Dinner

We are doing a dance piece together. It's called Family Dinner and the idea is to tell through moves or gestures the memories, the way we feel, what sort of relation we all have in the situation of a family dinner. I found this subject very interesting because of the several layers like the space organisation (around the table), the relation between body and furniture (chair, table, etc.), the role that each have in a group, the ritual aspect... We talked about our families and take some situation or feeling and we worked on the idea of the scene and then we put the scene together.

We laugh and fight. Also it is very difficult to find a studio free at the Tanzfabrik I think that it made us nervous because we have to rehearse a lot in a short time and the space is so small in some studio. It is always like that and we have to deal with and not to forget to enjoy the dance. What an amazing experience, I love it so much ;-), thanks to Alex, Zoi, Octavi, Marja, Elisa and Hyunsin !

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