Projektleitung für internationalen Tanzprojekte bei QUARTIER gGmbH

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Jugendfreizeitheim Neustadt

16:30 - 18:30 für Kinder (6-12)

Tanzprojekt von Quartier gGmbH

Präsentation im Rahmen von Chance Tanz am 2. Juni 2019 um 15:00 in der Schwankhalle Bremen.



"Kultur macht Stark-Wand aus Glas"

Bürgerhaus Obervieland

Theaterwerkstatt für Kinder von 8 bis 14 Jahre alt von 16:30 bis 18:30


Freitags und Samstags

together - Stadtweite Theaterkompanie - initiiert von Quartier gGmbH

in DOKU Blumenthal


Premiere am 25  uni 2019 um 19:00 Theater am Goetheplatz Bremen



Tanztage Berlin

Rest from "The harvest", Rodrigo Sobarzo
Rest from "The harvest", Rodrigo Sobarzo

To the festival Tanztage Berlin I went two evenings. It's not really true, I went once more but it's been full, yes I'm not from such a big town, where you have to reserve all the time and go 1 hour before... Anyway the first evening I saw "sensation 2" from Ligia Manuela Lewis and "Transformability" from Willy Prager, if I wanted to be careless I would say it was a girl, who wanted to dry her hair and tree people, who did all the time little jumps. But let's try something else ;-)

"Sansation 2" was for me very sensitive and a big show at the same time. A woman alone tried with her hair to cash some air movements. She was in the middle of the stage and the public could walk around her so throw the light she was sometimes a shadow like a drawing lines, some blowers put wind on her and she was turning her head ongoing very fast. It was cold and warm, light and intent like a trance. I liked it very much !

""Transformability" was amusing but I just want to say that I don't know if I like irony all the time. At one point I had the feeling that the public has to do like he enjoy the performance but in ironical way too... But maybe I had misunderstood. This work wanted to translate a theoretical text," Transformability" from Boyan Manchev (2006), into a dance peace with rules from mainstream culture. I have no idea about what talk this text... Funny was to see the public move the heads up and down on the rhythm of the little jumps from the dancers all the show long !

The second time I saw two performances in a room with column that hide a little bit the stage (see the picture). About the piece "Fire is raging in your Hair" I have nothing to say unfortunately ! But on the opposite I found "The harvest from Rodrigo Sobarzo" very interesting, I felt it was about built a space and to take the body a an element like "a stone in the wall". I can't not very much explain -at least I'm not a theorist- but my brain-belly felt inspired !

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